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Water Everywhere- Understanding the Health Benefits of Water

Have you ever wondered why the Earth is the only planet known to host life forms? It has water – of course. Recently, scientists were obsessed with searching water in other planets, even in scorching Mars. Water is life. Nothing lives without it. We, of all creatures need it the most. Water also bring enormous health benefits to people. No wonder it is a very important resource, one we need to efficiently manage and sustain. The Health Benefits of Water Almost 3/4 of the human body is composed of water. Hence, we need to replenish it daily with the right amount of water to drink. After all that work out, movements here and there, house work or office work, we lose water in our body through sweat and expelling urine. Pure water cleanses the human body from all harmful toxins found in the environment and in our food intake.

Too much or too little intake is not good. Hence, it is important to know how much you need. Men and women vary in terms of required amount of water intake. For men, the average dietary requirement is 3 liters a day, while for women it is 2.2 liters. There are also cases when the human body require more water intake such as in cases where one engages in strenuous physical activities, recuperating after sickness, and for pregnant and lactating women. People living in harsh environments also require more water. Living in cold or hot climates or those in higher altitudes lose more body fluids because it alters the normal body temperature. On the other hand, water intake is regulated for people with special medical conditions like kidney or liver problems. Water is also linked to effective mental performance. Dehydration leads to fatigue, dullness and inability to think critically. Sources of Water

We ingest water not only from its pure forms we drink daily. Other beverages like coffee and juices are also sources of water. Perhaps the healthiest options for additional liquid in our diet is from fruits and vegetables. Do you know that oranges is composed of 87% water? Cucumber also yields high amount of water. So do milk and other beverages. So can anyone argue on the health benefits of water? So, when the telltale signs of dehydration like excessive thirst, dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth, muscle weakness, lightheadedness or headache creep in, grab a bottle of water or drink any healthy beverage to bring back balance in your system. Proper nutrition is not only about food intake, a huge part of it is of course – water.

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On a worldwide scale, employees using fake doctors note have been increasing %15 percent each year, according to a study conducted in 45 countries. This indicates that growing number of individuals are getting bored or stressed of their work and are seeking to have a longer vacation period. Some, though, just want to earn money the easy way, which is unethical from the viewpoint of professionals.

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Doctor’s notes for work are great tools that can be use in having a longer vacation period without worrying of a cut pay and losing a job. Having said this, you can enjoy your time with your family and yourself. You can relax all weekend which leads to recovering from stress. It will recharge you and you will have more energy to continue working. This is ideal when you work full-time with an office setup and doing repetitive tasks.

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